The People

Make all the difference

Our customers are not just our guests, they are often our friends too.  That's because Wine Squared has some of the most interesting and diverse staff around. That doesn't mean that we skimp on customer service, it just means we offer excellence with more style.

Meet Our Team

Brook Ray

The Boss / Owner

Known by all as the Boss. If she isn't drinking dry rosé, she's sipping Champagne, skateboarding, power lifting, or spending time with her favorite people, Isabel and Nite.


Wine Specialist

The master at hospitality, a super hard worker, and all around great guy. His passion for learning about wine is reflected by his suggestion to your taste. Ask him about a story from band camp!

George Ferrie

The Partner / Owner

An amazing person in and out. George joined Wine Squared in 2017 as a partner and owner. He isn't new to the bar though and has been part of the family for several years. Come see him and you'll fall in love with this great man.


Wine Specialist

A strong woman and full of life experience. She has served our country and now she will be serving you. Her smile will brighten any day. Come meet her as she pours your favorite wine.


Wine Specialist

A polished Wine Squared bartender. Regardless of his amazingly (bad) jokes, he is bright, kind, and friendly. He has a huge enthusiasm for the fruit of the vine, AND he has a great mustache!

*Edit, Kenny VERY recently shaved off his mustache. We are keeping this picture as homage to his spectacular facial hair.


Wine Specialist

The longest running member of the team. His penny tours are legendary. He teaches Philosophy and does brewing now so only visits us as a customer. But he has been known to open Cava with a hammer. He is so beloved that we keep a photo of him here for old times' sake.

It's Just Wine

"The first thing to learn about wine? No one can know it all. It's a never ending exploration, each wine having a life of its own, expressing the memories of the grape. The second thing to remember is: it's just rotten grape juice; so chill out and have fun. Drink what you like and like what you drink. I look forward to learning with you. Cheers!"

~Brook E. Ray